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By definition, personal injuries are anything that disrupts the mental, physical or personal property of individuals during the commission of their normal daily activities. They are often described in television ads as being caused by automobiles, but make no mistake- many, many other activities qualify as 'personal' in legal nomenclature.
Let's examine the six most common personal areas/types of personal injuries and what they entail.

Obviously the most common personal injury, automobile accidents can occur when driving or parked. They involve another vehicle hitting you while you're committing no wrongdoing, following all traffic laws and have proper safety harnesses intact. Often, these will lead to whiplash, leg, face and other bodily injuries.
Personal-injury attorneys settle more automobile accidents than any other claims, simply because human errors (or intoxication) cause more vehicular judgment lapses than anything else. These also entail more deadly occurrences than most personal accidents, and those cases require special care.

Trucks of all sizes
At first glance, a car accident and a truck accident might seem like they aren't all that different. After all, they are both vehicular collisions, right? The only difference is that trucks are significantly bigger than cars. Well, size matters, and it makes a world of difference when it comes to the legal ramifications of a truck accident, that's why it's important to find the right injury lawyers for you.
'Trucks' aren't only Dodge Ram-sized vehicles. They include semis, delivery trucks (like UPS), backhoes, farm implements and anything 'large.' Companies often deny liability if driver error occurs in trucking operations, but personal-injury attorneys are quick to defend clients who have been seriously injured – even defending deceased folks for the benefit of their surviving family.

Chances are that you know someone who has been involved in a pedestrian accident. They are more common than you would think! With so many cars on the road, especially in urban areas, the chances of being involved in this kind of accident are high. Big cities where people seem to rush for everything have the highest rates of pedestrian accidents, while other incidents may occur in small rural areas when drunk drivers aren't paying attention.
Penalties for hitting pedestrians who follow signals and remain in crosswalks are heavy, even criminal in certain circumstances if hitting them is found to be grossly negligent.

Murphy's Law states, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." When it comes to workplace accidents, some are genuine disasters, while others are plain deadly. Other work accidents are downright embarrassing. It is important to note that most work-related accidents are due to MSDS sheets not being properly available when handling chemicals, equipment that fails during proper operation and causes personal injury, slipping on materials another employee forgot to clean up, or possibly getting hit by semi-truck drivers who are leaving docks and driving inattentively. The most common workplace-related personal injury? Mesothelioma; which derives from asbestos inhalation.
Workplace incidents are often internally investigated; however, this shouldn't stop the wrongfully injured, from seeking legal intervention.
Yes, you read correctly - food served at restaurants, signage not placed on wet floors and, in the case where McDonalds was forced to display 'hot' on their cups, ingesting liquids and not knowing their temperature beforehand, causing burns - these are all potential personal-injury situations.
Food service negligence is growing in popularity, causing lawsuits large enough to shut down small chains and forcing larger chains to raise prices to compensate for legal losses. It's important to get witnesses in these cases, just to help your cause.

Your personal credit rating is yours. This means anyone intentionally harming your credit by lying about it, or you being denied credit due to race, creed, religion or color, is illegal. These personal injuries happen frequently, yet while the financial ramifications are much smaller, these are injuries nonetheless and should be treated as such.
Reordering bank transactions is another growing personal injury. Doing this results in massive overdraft fees passed on to consumers and while not illegal, is litigable due to ensuing injuries caused. Mishandling investment monies (et al) is also financial injury, although far less common.

Know your rights
If you have been faced with litigating against a company for wrongfully injuring you, or the wrongful nature of your termination has caused the need for personal-injury attorney intervention, it's important to notate timelines where possible. Where, when, and why injuries happened are important components of successfully securing compensation for your time, losses and emotional distress.

Never attempt to litigate personal injuries on your own; many times, you’ll either be bullied out of court or get the smallest settlement possible due to inexperience in dealing with corporate attorneys.

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